FINE ARTS - In general terms Drawing, Sketching and Painting are different forms of visual expression and are one of the major forms within the Visual arts or Fine arts. Some of the most common tools which are used while creating this form of art includes the normal regular pencil, pen, brushes, color pencils, charcoals, crayons, water colors, oil colors, acrylic colors, markers, paper, canvas and many more. The foremost and the important of them all is the thought of creative expression, which is used to express through the apt media.

Lakshman Bala used to sketch regularly, which further helped him in gaining the required confidence and also upgrade his skills later on in visualisation and sketching which got him an opportunity to start his career in one on of the top Advertising Agency in Bangalore as an Illustrator. What else can one expect, when your hobby becomes your profession. This was the turning point in his career, because he realised and believed that, he had got the right platform to exhibit his talent and excel in the field of Illustrations. Even though he knew the art of drawing and painting to some extent, it was here where he learnt the various techniques of exhibiting and expressing his art through different types of media in the commercial world of Advertising. He feels blessed to be in the right field, and is grateful to the Almighty for whatever he is today, be it in the field of Art or Music. 
These achievements gave a boost to his career and his credentials too. In the process, he also got many accolades and recognition in his field of work from the Clients which led him to work for many top Advertising Agencies in Bangalore. He qualified himself further in this field by qualifying himself from the State Drawing Grade Examination Board by securing a distinction. 
Later on, he went on to learn the Art of Tanjore Painting and further showcased his talent by exhibiting and expressing his versatility of his paintings at 'Shashi Kapoor's Art Gallery' in Mumbai. Recently, he exhibited a series of Birds Paintings at the prestigious Art Gallery at 'Chitrakala Parishath', Bangalore. He is in the process of exhibiting a series of his creative nature paintings in Bangalore in the near future. Lakshman Bala feels that everything in his life has been a challenge and he has tried to accept and utilize the opportunity whatever came his way.  Even though, he is a strong believer in his potential, he feels that his success is due to the blessings of his parents, the grace of God and the good wishes of all his wellwishers. 
Lakshman Bala is happy and busy in the field of Fine Arts, Advertising, Music and Education.



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