Advertising can be defined as a paid Communication or Publicity which includes presentation and promotion of goods, services or ideas by an Identified Sponsor. The art of Advertising uses some of the most recognised and popular known media such as Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, Posters, Cinema film posters, Outdoor Hoardings, Banners in malls, Direct mail, Internet digital banner advertisements and also the Digital Marketing (Digital Advertising) - Advertisements through Social Media or any other type of Media Advertising.
Lakshman Bala got an opportunity to start his career in one of the top Advertising Agency in India (Bangalore) as an Illustrator. What else can one expect, when your hobby becomes your profession. This was the turning point in his career, because he realised and believed that, he had got the right platform to exhibit his talent and excel in the field of Illustrations. Even though he knew the art of drawing and painting, it was here where he learnt the various techniques of exhibiting his art through different media in the commercial world of Advertising. He feels blessed to be in the right field, and is grateful to the Almighty for whatever he is today, be it in the field of Art, Design or Music. 
This achievement gave a boost to his credentials. He got many accolades and recognition in his field of work and also worked for many top Advertising Agencies in Bangalore. He qualified himself by appearing for the State Drawing Grade Examination and secured a distinction. This gave a boost to his talent and further went on to qualify for a Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (PR) and a Masters (MBA) in Marketing Management which helped him to work for a reputed Dubai based Advertising Agency holding the highest position. 
The knowledge which he acquired through education further helped him grow and attain success in the areas of Illustration, Designing and Visualizing. During the last 20 years he has climbed the ladder in this field step by step and has reached a senior position in the field of Advertising.
Today, he runs a design house with a team who are thorough professionals in the Advertising genre catering to most of the design work spreading across all the industries. Even though, he is a strong believer in his potential, he dedicates his success through the blessings of his parents, the grace of God and all his wellwishers allover. 
Today, Lakshman Bala also shares his experience and knowledge as a Professor with some of the Business School of Management in Bangalore.  
Apart from sharing his knowledge as a Professor to the Management College Students in the Management B-Schools and Colleges, Lakshman Bala is also busy traveling extensively with his role as an HR Professional (Assessor for Corporates).
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