Music is an art form of entertainment art that puts in good audible sounds together in a way that people like or find it interesting and generally which also soothes their heart and soul. Most of the wonderful audible music includes people singing with their voices in groups or individually or playing with their musical instruments or both which most of the people understand the musical sounds and enjoy.

Lakshman Bala is no different. He is a talented singer, composer, and music director. His parents recognized his talent and nourished his potential in singing at a young age and have been encouraging him to further his talent to this date. He started nurturing himself as a bhajan singer by performing regularly in and around Bangalore and later on entered the genre of ghazals too. Last fifteen years plus, he has been performing Concerts at various places in India and abroad.

Recently, he visited Holland and Dubai for a series of Sai Bhajans performance. Some of the songs from his popular music albums were aired on BBC Radio (London, UK bhajan section) for over six months. Apart from many of his performances which have been telecast on many TV channels, his bhajan concerts were recorded and telecast on Raj TV too for over a year. Raghu Kaundania, his younger brother, has produced many Sai Bhajan Albums of Lakshman Bala, which are quite popular in that genre even today. He feels fortunate and blessed to have recorded a Sai Bhajan Album along with Ghazal Samrat Shri Jagjit Singh's musicians in Mumbai, which has been one of his favorite albums and also popular in that circle. He has also had the opportunity to conceptualize many of his music albums, wherein he had to pen the lyrics, compose the music, direct music for many of his private music albums and also render his voice for their respective Spiritual centers too which are quite popular even today.

He feels blessed to have been associated with the well-known music Legends like Ghazal  Samrat Padma Bhushan Late  Shri. Jagjit  Singh, Bhajan  Samrat Padmashree  Anup  Jalota, Ghazal Singer Padmashree Ms.Penaz Masani, Shri. Ajit Khadkade, Shri Mohammad Vakil and the Legendary playback singer from the south, Padmashree and Padma Bhushan Shri. S.P. Balasubramanyam, Padmashree.Dr.Yella Venkateswara Rao, Padmashree Drums Sivamani, Smt.Manjula Gururaj, Late Shri.C.Ashwath, Late Shri.Raju Ananthaswamy and Smt.Archana Udupa to name a few in his journey of music.      

Later on, he had the opportunity to compose and direct music for a couple of popular Kannada TV Serials and also sing the title track as well, along with Smt. Archana Udupa and the Late Shri.Raju Ananthaswamy. He has also composed and directed the background music for some plays too.     

Lakshman Bala received an award recently for his achievement in music (Bhajans and Ghazals) from Mehek Social and Welfare Association, Swarachirantana and Dream Karaoke.         

Lakshman Bala received an award recently for his achievement in the field of music (Ghazals). He was awarded the Ghazal Gaana Gandharva Award by Chiranthana Development Foundation.                                                                                                                             

Lakshman Bala is busy with his Bhajan and Ghazal concerts.

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